Why I chose the AP

Why I chose the Alberta Party!

I have always viewed myself as a balanced individual and have always sought balance in my life. The Alberta Party offers that kind of balance. Comprised of problem-solvers and pragmatic leaders, with vast and diverse experiences in every field and discipline, the AP offers practical solutions to the problems our province is facing today. We are neither left nor right, we are forward-thinking.

I am not interested in fighting, shouting or pointing fingers, grandstanding or talking platitudes. Instead, I am interested in collaboration, dialogue and idea sharing, and the AP offers that.

I don't live in the past and I am not one who's shackled by ideology or rigid dogma. I look to the future and I value flexibility and creativity. The AP is built on that foundation.

I don't want to be part of a one-person government. The leader of the Alberta Party, Stephen Mandel, makes a point of letting members of his team speak their mind and advocate for the people they are hoping to represent. He wants his team to be effective and recognizes the strengths and perspectives we all bring to the table.

And the Alberta Party looks like Alberta. You see it in our candidates, our local boards and throughout our organization. We represent what a majority of Albertans espouse; fairness, tolerance and yes, balance. We want a government that works for all Albertans and that is not beholden to any one group or special interest. We want prosperity, good-paying jobs and quality of life for all. The AP offers a vision to get the economy firing on all cylinders while also ensuring that no one is left behind. And the AP believes that a strong Alberta equals a strong Canada.

I was attracted to the Alberta Party because its principles and values match mine and those of a majority of Albertans. To find out more about the AP, please visit https://www.albertaparty.ca/principles 

Mo Elsalhy 

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